BioLingo ( is a directory platform built on top of modern webinar technologies (Zoom, GotoWebinar, YouTube, etc).  It aggregates webinars and event information in life science, biotech, pharmaceuticals, health care, medical devices, and related fields.   The platform allows people in these industries to post, host, and share webinars and other information.  BioLingo also hosts live webinars.

General Features:

  • Post upcoming/recorded webinars.
  • Edit and delete upcoming/recorded webinars.
  • Save a list of webinars you’re interested in.
  • Get intelligent, customized notifications of new webinars relevant to your interests.
  • Keep a record of webinars you have attended.
  • Search by company name to find all their webinars in one convenient landing page.
  • One-click social media sharing of your webinars.
  • Webinar filter pages filter webinars based on webinar dates, categories, languages, duration.
  • Webinar directory pages list webinars based on your choices of criteria.

Webinar Features and Benefits:

Before a webinar starts:

  • Post upcoming webinars on our site, with webinar description, speaker’s bio, moderator info, key words, custom images, etc. If desired, the webinar page could also include other technical data such as PDF files and external links.
  • Promote your webinars through social media, with email marketing, and to users in our system based on their defined interests (key words) or past behaviors (i.e., registering for webinars on similar topics).
  • Promote webinars in Western countries, in Chinese WeChat groups focused on bio/pharma industries, and around the world.
  • Customizable registration page can include your unique questions.
  • Registration page can accept QR codes to facilitate cell phone user registration.
  • Automatically send registered attendees a confirmation email with link to join the webinar (i.e., BioLingo integrates with other platforms to facilitate attendance).
  • Set up training sessions with your speakers and make sure speakers, microphones, video feeds are all good to go.
  • Send reminder emails to all panelists/participants for an upcoming webinar.

In a webinar session:

  • Start the session with panelists only, so they can get ready.
  • Broadcast a webinar with participants joining in.
  • Record the whole webinar to the cloud, or to a local computer for on-demand viewing.
  • Introduce speakers if no moderator is supplied.
  • Run polls if you have any.

After a webinar session, BioLingo will:

  • Report who attended your webinar’s live session.
  • Update the ‘upcoming webinar’ listing into a recorded listing at the same page (URL). Optionally, we can add PDF files you’d like to make available.
  • Continue promoting the recorded webinar and routing registrant information to you.